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The Conditions stated below shall form the basis of contract for all transactions between the Forwarder and Shipper. The Conditions will preside on all Transactions:

  •  All goods are covered under standard trading conditions of British International Freight Association (BIFA) – standard trading conditions 2021 (copy available on request), CMR convention and insurance liability – this means they are covered up to 8.33 SDR/KG for lost or damaged goods, unless stated and agreed otherwise in advance.
  • Proof of delivery MUST be signed and claused (i.e Signed as damaged or goods missing stating clear information of damages or missing goods). If the POD is signed clean, no liability can be attached and therefore the claim will be rejected in the first instance. A POD simply signed unchecked does NOT class as a properly noted POD and will be rejected. For claim to be raised claim needs to be provided in writing within 7 days of delivery and formal standard insurance procedures needs to be followed.
  • Due to nature of business company leaves the right to subcontract third parties.
  • Demurrage charges are applied for transport being held at collection/delivery points or customs. Demurrage charges varies and are subject to time held, country, vehicle type, special requirements and will be advised on request.
  • Invoices and PODs are delivered by e-mail and ARE NOT sent by post if there is a requirement to receive them by post additional charges will be added to invoice for postal charges.

  • The Law of England and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts shall apply at all times to these Conditions and any act or contract to which they may apply and any claim or dispute shall be heard accordingly.